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About us

Have you ever…

…gotten tired of creating your profile over and over again on multiple freelance platforms, at other networks like agencies, your own website and on social media? Maintaining your personal information, skills, projects, offers, contact details, recommendations and reviews etc.? Does all the time you put into it yield enough results?

Would it not be great…

…if there was one place where you can create your best digital self, share and control it? Create it the way you want it, a profile that really helps you realize more and better opportunities?

We built that place. Where you can create, share and control your best digital self.

We believe…

…that freelancers are the future of work. Employees want to work in more flexible ways and employers want to be more flexible. The future of (flexible) work means more people will live and work in flexible ways, which requires a strong and verified profile. Insights in hard skills, interpersonal skills, values and teamwork become more and more important.

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Our vision...

…is a society where via decent jobs everyone can contribute to society and lead meaningful lives.

We want to create a safe and secure digital self for freelancers.

Meet the Team !

Ella Reizevoort

Ella Reizevoort

Business Development | Commercial Coaching | Interim Sales Management

Chief Commercial Officer

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Mark Wormgoor

Mark Wormgoor

Executive Coach - Interim Manager

Chief Executive Officer

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Romain Julien

Romain Julien

Software engineer - Full-stack web developer

Chief Technology Officer

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