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A force of one is all about helping freelancers get their next job, whether you are experienced or not. Our goal is to create one place, a secure platform, where all relevant information for your as a freelancer comes together.

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We are not a recruitment company

Or another job site, but we believe that the focus on your best digital self puts you in the best position for your next job.

We are here to help

By providing support and relevant informations and encouraging the development of a helpful community.

We believe

That freelancers are the future of work. We want to create a safe and secure digital self for freelancers.


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Our vision

Employees want to work in more flexible ways and employers want to be more flexible. The future of (flexible) work requires a strong and verified profile.
Insights in hard skills, interpersonal skills, values and teamwork become more and more important.

Meet the Team !

Ella Reizevoort

Ella Reizevoort

Business Development | Commercial Coaching | Interim Sales Management

Chief Commercial Officer
Mark Wormgoor

Mark Wormgoor

Executive Coach - Interim Manager

Chief Executive Officer
Romain Julien

Romain Julien

Software engineer - Full-stack web developer

Chief Technology Officer

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