A perfect freelance profile

When you’re a freelancer, you’re the product. When you’re looking for roles, you’re selling yourself – your knowledge, your experience, your skills, your work ethic, and your values.
Your profile and online presence are essential to making that perfect first impression.

Our platform helps you create the best starting position for landing your next client.
You choose a format that fits you best: when you’re a designer, your portfolio and projects have to stand out; when you’re a developer your skills are most important...
Start building your profile using the LinkedIn wizards, and we will take care of the essentials for you.

Your profile picture

Did you know that a profile with a nice and professional picture gets 21x more profile views?

The profile picture is the first thing your potential clients see. Use a recent and professional looking picture. Adding a personal touch to your picture immediately creates that first connection with a client.
The LinkedIn wizard imports your LinkedIn picture, but you can use the manual option to change your picture.

If you don’t have a recent professional looking picture, there are lot of freelance photographers who will happily lend a hand...

About me

A complete “About me” section with at least 3-4 lines increases the chance of being contacted.

Tell something about yourself as well as what you’re offering. And please, use your real name! Describe who you are, the type of work you do, your interests, your education, qualifications, awards, certifications, and publications.

Consider adding where you are located, how long you've been working independently, and add a fun fact or two!


We rank recommendations high on the list of essentials. Potential employers always scan profiles for recommendations, especially those with real names & pictures.
Recommendations give you an 8x higher chance of landing a new job or project.

Invite your former employers or co-workers. Whilst this may be easier for experienced freelancer, we advise starting freelancers to invite your co-students, or friends and family to write something about you... We’ve created a smooth and easy way of collecting them – go ahead!


Be as complete as possible in your skills. When you add at least 10 skills you will be contacted 33x more often. Personal attributes or soft skills are at least if not more important compared hard skills or diplomas and certificates.
If you’re not sure what to add, there are a lot of soft skill tests out there on the internet to help you get started. Also, ask people you’ve worked with in the past or your friends and family for their input.
As a starting freelancer, don’t forget skills learned during your prior work history. Or, add skills you’ve gained during any volunteer work you may have done.


Pricing your services can reduce going back and forth with a client and allows you to start working on projects much faster. Whether you're starting your independent journey or have years of experience, pricing your services can be challenging to know how much to charge, so here are our tips!

Give your potential employers a clear description of your offer. Include the core skill in the title and support it with a detailed description. It is possible to have multiple offers for different disciplines and skills.



Keep your availability updated, so potential employers know if you’re open to work and by when.
Even if you’re not immediately available, keep this information up to date so clients can reach out even if you’re only available in a couple of weeks.

How to connect

Add your online (e-mail/telephone number) contact details and social accounts (LinkedIn/Twitter) so potential clients can always reach you directly.

Portfolio and projects

Portfolio and projects show what you’re good at, so we’ve created 2 options:

The fastest, Create your profile with the LinkedIn wizard:
- Your experience will be imported in seconds
- The wizard gives you the option to confirm the imported as an experience OR as a project
- You can confirm the import and you’re done.
You can now go in and fine-tune the imported experiences and projects if you’d like.

If this doesn’t work for you, you can also add your projects from scratch:
- Title, company, and link are required
- Add a full description of the project. Be as clear as possible about the project, scope, and size, as well as about your role in the project, the work you did and the value you added.
- A picture is required (this helps experiences stand out), choose one related to the project
- Add the start date (and end date, if applicable), and location (if relevant)
- You can confirm and you’re done!

Core values

Work (and life) can at times feel like a bad storm. You can feel like a boat, being tossed around by the waves and the wind with little or no control. Your core values are the anchors that will stick with you and keep you on course through even the worst of storms.
Unsure what yours are? There are online lists with hundreds of potential items. Review them carefully and pick the 4-5 that feel closest to who you are and what you stand for.