Calculate your rates

As a freelancer, you need to be aware of what you’re worth, what the value of your skills is, as well as the value of what you’re offering.

If you have no idea as a starting freelancer, have a look at
Please note that your location is one of the biggest factors that determine your hourly rates.

There are mainly 3 options to determine your rate: time-based rate, fixed price, and contact for pricing

Time-based rate

A rate is an ongoing price for the amount of time spent. An example of a rate is 50€/hour or 1,000€/week.
Rate pricing is best for freelancers who are just starting out. It is also good for projects where it is hard to estimate the total time required to complete it, or for tasks that involve a lot of moving parts.

We recommend to very carefully track the amount of time spent, and keeping your client informed on a regular (at least weekly!) basis.

For yourself, track your projects so you can eventually move to a fixed price once you've performed this service multiple times and are able to standardize this offering.

Fixed price

A fixed price is a one-time fee a client pays in exchange for a service.
Fixed prices work best if you know how long a project will take and how much value you will deliver.

Contact for pricing

If your rates are negotiable or vary often, contact for pricing is a great way to work out a pricing model with clients individually.
Your price can be finalized by identifying the specific needs of your client and their total budget for the project.